Sofia Training School 6th – 8th February 2018

The Action organises the next 6th, 7th and 8th February 2018 a Training School “Solutions for Critical Raw Materials in extreme conditions: from fundamental science to industrial innovations”  in order to give to the materials scientists, particularly students and early career investigators, an in-depth analysis of the different strategies with which it is possible to[…]

WG4 Dissemination – Sardinia Symposium 2017

The sixteenth edition of the Sardinia Symposium, organized by the IWWG – International Waste Working Group, from October 2nd to October 6th, 2017 was the prestigious event selected by the Action for the dissemination of the Working Group 4 “Value chain impact” activities. The event was attended by 676 participants (researchers, technicians, administrators and operators)[…]

Raw Materials Week 2017 Poster Session

Posters submitted by Action Participants and accepted for the Raw Materials Week 2017//Poster Session V. Lapkovskis, A. Bartl, A. Shishkin CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS FOR THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN THE EU A ShiShkin, V. Lapovskis, V. Kozlov, M. Lisnanskis, D. Lehmhus, Hussainova Metal-coated hollow spheres: Reducing Raw Materials Usage via a novel precursor for metallo-ceramic syntactic foam[…]

Brussels Meeting

The next Action Working Groups Meeting is organised in Brussels in the framework of the ” Raw Materials Week” (registration needs) the event organised by the European Commission to give a great opportunity for the raw materials community to discuss and exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international cooperation, framework conditions, etc. The WGs[…]


Presentations & Posters of the Symposium I “Solution for Critical Raw materials Under Extreme Conditions” PRESENTATIONS L. Godlewska EU strategy on Critical Raw Materials – recent developments K. Malovrh Rebec Life cycle assessment of metal alloys for structural applications A. Bartl et al. CRITICAL RAW MATERIALS UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS: A REVIEW OF NIOBIUM P. Novak[…]

Proceedings announcement

Instructions for full paper submission The proceedings of E-MRS Fall 2017 Symposium I “Solution for Critical Raw materials Under Extreme Conditions” will appear in the Open Access IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), which is part of IOP Conference Series. All papers published in IOP Conference Series are fully citable and upon publication will[…]

Warsaw Meeting

The next Working Groups Meeting of the Action will be held in Warsaw University of Technology (19 – 20 September) in the framework of the eminent E-MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibition (18 – 21 September) where the Action CRM-Extreme is co-organizer with the network EXTREME and the EIP commitment SUBST-EXTREME of the Symposium “Solutions for[…]

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