28 July 2016

Core Group

Dr. Maria Letizia Ruello
Prof Pavel Novak
Vice Chair - STSMs Leader
Dr. Andreas Bartl
WG4 Leader
Dr. Radu Robert Piticescu
WG1 Leader
Dr. Zara Petkova Cherkezova-Zheleva
Training School Leader
Mr. Iakovos Yakoumis
WG3 Leader
Dr. Santiago Cuesta López
Communication and Dissemination Leader
Mr. Shai Essel
WG3 Leader
Dr. Maria Luisa Grilli
WGs Coordinator
Mr. Vjaceslavs Lapkovskis
WG4 Leader
Prof. Zoran Pandilov
Gender Issue Leader
Prof. Lucyna Jaworska
WG2 Leader
Dr. Saurav Goel
WG2 Leader
Dr Dragan Rajnović
Inclusiveness Leader
Prof. M.Fatima Montemor
WG1 Leader
Simon De Corte
ECI Leader
Prof. Mirja Illikainen
ECI Leader
Dr. Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen
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