28 July 2016

WG 1 – Understanding the role of CRMs

Dr. Radu Robert Piticescu
WG1 Leader
Dr. Ernst Gamsjäger
Dr. Zara Petkova Cherkezova-Zheleva
Training School Leader
Prof. Ezio Cadoni
Dr. Maria Luisa Grilli
WGs Coordinator
Prof. Giacomo Cao
Prof. Zoran Pandilov
Gender Issue Leader
Dr. Silviya Vasileva Boycheva
Dr. Denitza Zgureva
Dr.Mehmet Yilmaz
Dr Atsufumi Hirohata
Prof. M.Fatima Montemor
WG1 Leader
Dr. Pier Carlo Ricci
Prof. Jozef Vleugels
Dr. Dumitru Mitrica
Dr. Monika Furko
Dr. Mihai Tudor Olaru
Dr Paivo Kinnunen
Dr. Constantinos Charitidis
Dr. Dimitrios A. Dragatogiannis
Dr. Cagatay Ipbüker
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