28 July 2016

WG 3 – Industrial validation

WG3 Leader

Mr Iakovos Yakoumis_ELIakovos Yakoumis was born in 1974 in Athens (Greece) while his origin is the Greek Island of Naxos (Kyklades Prefecture). He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens at 1997. The same year, he performed his diploma thesis in the Shell Research and Technology Centre, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). From the year 2012, he is a Ph.D. Candidate of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.
He founded his first company in the age of 23 (just after his graduation from the National Technical University of Athens). He is the founder and the managing director of the following companies: IGVP Engineering Consultants Ltd. (foundation date 1997), Monolithos Catalysts & Recycling Ltd. (foundation date 2000) and Photovoltaic Park of Azalas Naxos (foundation date 2007).
He has published 13 research papers in international scientific journals. The citation index, of these papers, has exceeded 1000 citations (Google Scholar). He has presented more than 20 papers in international scientific conferences and he has published more than 10 invited articles in Greek media (technical and newspapers). He has been invited to give lectures in the course of European Materials Research Society (EMRS) 2016 spring meeting, by University of Padova (Chemical Engineering Department) and the Association of Chemical Industries of Italy (Federchimica). He has been appointed as peer reviewer in one international scientific journal and as reviewer of Horizon 2020 proposals.
In 2000, at the age of 26, he was honored for the Organization of the Greek Small and Medium Enterprises with the Panhellenic Award of the Best Young Businessman of the Year. He was member of the board of several local and business associations. For example, he was member of the Scientific Board of the Greek Observatory for Young Entrepreneurship, Vice-president of the Attiki Association of Young Businessman, Member of the director’s board of Association of Industries of the Area Athens-Piraeus, etc.
He has served as elected Vice-President of the city council of Naxos and Small Cyclades Municipality.

Dr Pedro Egizabal_ESDr. Pedro Egizabal, he graduated from Chemical Engineering in the specialization of polymers in the University of Basque Country UPV/EHU in 1989 and obtained his PhD degree from the University of Bordeaux I in the „Institut de la Matiére Condensé (ICMCB)“ in 2007 with a work based on metal matrix composites. From 1997 he works in Tecnalia Research & Innovation, a technological centre located in the Basque country region in Spain. Up to 2002 he worked in the field of polymers and organic composite materials and since that year he works in the department of advanced metallic materials where he is mainly focused on light metals and composites. He is currently Project Manager and is responsible of research projects related to advanced metallic materials, foundry processes and energy recovery and environmental issues in the foundry industry.

He has published more than 10 Journal papers in scientific journals and is part of the Steering Committee of EUMAT, the European Technology Platform on materials as well as the Governing Council of KMMVIN, virtual institute on knowledge- based multifunctional materials.

WG3 Leader

Mr Shai Essel_ILMr. Shai Essel, has earned his B.Sc and B.A in materials science and physics at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. Mr. Essel has been accepted to work as a research assistant within his undergrad studies and following his graduation he was offered a researcher position in the Israel Institute of Metals (Technion Research and Development Foundation). Mr Essel have been involved in different technological developments with industrial partners, mainly in the field of aluminium and magnesium production. During his time at the IIM he has been in charge of promoting and leading national and international cooperation’s. Examples of them are INFOAM (Hungarian-Israeli), NAPREAL (Italian-Israeli), Thermaco (EC- FP7 GA 608978), NOVAMAG (EC- H2020 GA 686056). As for national projects he leads the IIM teams in with different clients with strong interest in Aluminium and Magnesium production and innovation. Currently he completes his master theses in the field of High Entropy Alloys under the supervision of the Technion’s prof. Menachem Bamberger. The main fields of interest of his laboratory is the industrialization via cost efficient production of cutting edge metals and parts.

In CRM-EXTREME, Mr. Essel is part of the core group and leading WG3 – Industrial relevance.

Antonio RinaldiDr. Antonio Rinaldi, is researcher at ENEA, the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (Rome, Italy), and is member of the ENEA task force for the EITRawMaterials in the Sustainability Department.

After earning a Laurea in Mechancial Engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza, he was awarded a Masters and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State Univerity (2002-2004, USA), where he worked as Research Professor after graduation until 2006. Prior to joining ENEA, he was also associated also with University of Rome Tor Vergata and University of L’Aquila. His reasearch interest grew from early interest in Damage Mechanics to materials and nanotechnology, with an emphasis on energy materials and (more recently) biomaterials. Rinaldi’s work laboratory at ENEA is primarily devoted to multiscale mechanical characterization, with several special set-ups to perform micro and nanoscale testing inside optical, atomic and electron microscopes.

He co-authored over 70 publications and has an ISI h-index > 12. He is currently the coordinator of a HORIZON-NMBP17- NEXTOWER and is the ENEA referent for two more EU projects (FET-OPEN-ICARUS and TWINNING-SUPERMAT) apart from this COST action.

Within this COST, he is supporting mainly the activity of WG3 on technology transfer, partly through charcaterization activities on bulk and coatings produced by partners, and partly in force of prior experience with directing industrial initiatives (e.g. Research Spin-Offs) and as an expert in industrial statistics methods, i.e., a certified SixSigma expert of DOE and SPC methods for process control and product development. He will also bring a linkage with the EERA and ESNII community as he was the coordinator elect of Subprogramme 3 on refractory materials for nuclear materials (http://www.eera-jpnm.eu/) until June 2016.

Gonzalo Vallejo FernandezDr. Gonzalo Vallejo Fernández is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of York (UK). He received his PhD in experimental magnetism from the same institution in 2007. After a two year post-doctoral research position also at York he joined the University of Glasgow as a Research Fellow. In November 2010 he returned to the University of York and, since 2012, he holds his current post. His research expands over several areas including magnetic thin films for magnetic recording and magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. He has published ~40 peer reviewed papers and is co-inventor in two patents. He has given in excess of 20 oral presentations at international conferences and workshops.

Mr Daniel Safranchik_ILDaniel is a researcher at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
He finished his 2 B.Sc. degrees (materials science and chemistry) at 2012, both from Technion, the leading technological university in Israel.
During his studies, he worked as a research assistant in the foundry laboratory, dealing with casting technologies for alloys and MMCs. After graduating, he transferred to the surface laboratory where he deals mainly with corrosion and materials laser processing.
Dani is now doing his M.Sc. degree under the supervision of Distinguished Prof. Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. Together they develop bio-degradable alloys for medical applications.
Dani was (and still) promoting and leading several research programs in national and international cooperation’s, mainly with industries.
In this cost action, he is a substitute for Mr. Shai Essel and assist him with the leadership of WG3 for industrial validation.

Inclusiveness Leader

Prof Dragan RajnovicDr Dragan Rajnović, is an Assistant Professor of Materials and Joining Technologies at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia. Furthermore, he is also an Early Career Investigator (ECI), as he defends his doctoral thesis in 2015, at the University of Novi Sad. During his scientific carrier (research and teaching) in the Laboratory for Materials Testing, Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences he published 22 papers in international journals and has over 90 other scientific works.

His field of interest is toward microstructure property relationship in both conventional engineering materials (ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and weldments) and advanced materials (ADI materials, ceramics, superalloys), and to the variety of characterization techniques like, mechanical tests, wear tests, image analysis, SEM, TEM and EDS, which can be used for that study.

Sebastian BalosProf. dr Sebastian Balos was born in Sombor, Serbia, on august 27th 1974. Currently, he is an associate professor on the Faculty of Technical Sciences. He is a Head of the Chair of Materials and Joining Technologies, as well as two laboratories, for Materials Testing and Joining Technologies. Furthermore, he is the Deputy head of the Department of Production Engineering. He teaches 12 courses on bachelor, master and doctoral studies.

The scientific field of interest is relatively wide, encompassing a wide array of materials characterization. He introduced a number of new technologies on the Faculty of Technical Sciences, some of them being friction stir welding (FSW), friction stir processing (FSP), friction stir tunneling (FST), arc welding and hardfacing with nanoparticles into their coatings, the fabrication of dental polymer particulite nanocomposites, the perforated steel and ADI materials ballistic plates

Prof. Dr Sebastian Balos published a number of scientific papers, of which 31 are in international journals (SCI, SCIe). The Faculty of Technical Sciences awarded Dr Sebastian Balos a prize for extraordinary results in science in 2013. Furthermore, the international journal International Lubrication and Tribology awarded his paper entitled The influence of tool kinematics on surface texture, productivity, power and tоrque of normal honing“ the Highly Commended Paper Award“ in 2015. Also, dr Sebastian Balos did a number of paper reviews, mainly for international journals (SCI, SCIe) and scientific conferences.

Prof. dr Sebastian Balos is married and has three children.

He received his PhD in 2013, his thesis concerning laser welding of metal alloys for aerospace. He joined a number of international conferences; in 2011 he was awarded the “World Association for Innovative Technologies Award” for science technology transfer. His research interests include laser processing and additive manufacturing. He actively contributes in teaching and editing of educational material for a number of courses at the Dept. of Industrial Engineering at the University of Salerno.

Dr. Daniela Sani, Ph.D in Geotechnical Engineering, Mediator for Civil and Commercial Disputes, Master in Business Administration, Degree in Civil Engineering. Since 2006, in ASTER, she has been Coordinator of High Technology Network – Energy and Environment Platform; Innovation Manager – Climate-KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community). Currently, she is “National and International Project Manager” and hold positions of regional representative in National Technological Cluster – SPRING, PPP BBI-JTU, European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials, Vanguard Region Initiative – Bio-economy pilot. She is COO of Marche Manufacturing and e-Leaving Clusters of Marche region. She is responsible of KIC EIT Raw Materials and coordinates the agreement between ASTER-CNR-University of Bologna. She is expert evaluator of the European Commission and other local institutions. Since 2012, professor of “Operation and Project Management” – Faculty of Economics of Università Politecnica delle Marche; formerly contract professor – Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering. Over 10 years of research experience in topics related to the environment and producing materials with more than 70 publications (1/3 recorded Scopus and Google science).

Dr. Daniela Sandoval PhD student (2016) in Materials Science and Engineering field, in the CIEFMA (Centre d’Integritat Estructural i Fiabilitat dels Materials) research group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). One of the objectives of my work is to evaluate the mechanical response of different grades of cemented carbides, at small length scales, in order to determine the role of the constitutive phases in the mechanical response of the composite. For this purpose, the traditional WC-Co grade is studied, in addition to hardmetal grades with partial or total substitution of WC and Co. To evaluate the mechanical response and assess the mechanical properties at microscale, nanoindentation and uniaxial compression of micropillars milled by means of FIB, are used. In addition, the main characterization techniques comprises FIB/FESEM, 3D tomography, EBSD and TEM. Research work is not only conducted in UPC facilities but in close collaboration with external research groups.

Dr. Mauro Comoglio (M); graduated in mechanical engineering at Politecnico of Torino, today he’s project manager in DIAD Group, high tech company member of the Board of Advanced Manufacturing Research Center with Boeing. DIAD Group is specialised in the design, the development, the testing and the application of advanced components for the automotive, aerospace, motorsport and energy sectors, using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (like high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials).

Mauro Comoglio grown his experience at the Fiat Research Centre, leading the High Efficient Manufacturing Team at the Materials and Processes research department. Senior specialist in manufacturing of difficult to cut materials and processes sustainability, he collaborated as external consultant at the AMRC with Boeing, the most important research centre on the advanced manufacturing materials, sponsored among others by Boeing, Rolls Royce, BAE, Airbus, Safrane, McLaren, Sandvik, DGM Mori.

Chair of the working group Industrialisation and Nanomanufacturing of the ETIP NANOFutures, he’s involved in European R&D projects since 1998 and he has been responsible of Life Cycle Assessment activities at the French company TEKS SARL.

Mauro Comoglio main skills are: innovative manufacturing and processes energy efficiency, integrated approach for tooling optimisation (materials, coatings, parameters), additive manufacturing and micro-sintering, advanced materials for automotive, aerospace and motorsport, LCA and LCC methodologies, energy efficiency and circular economy, automotive testing in extreme conditions.

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