15 May 2016

WG 2 – Design and Material production

Working group 2 aims to design a novel microstructure with reduced or without CRMs and design of related processing techniques with thermodynamic and kinetic models and experimental approach considering the full material life-cycle. Leveraging the recourse to advanced computational multiscale modelling and combinatorial characterization methods to screen a large number of candidate solutions in a parametric/combinatorial fashion in close contact with experimental development to enable a faster and economically viable effort. Material production, microstructure evolution characterization, (in-situ) property characterization, weldability/joinability, durability under extreme conditions, wear performance, corrosion performance, and temperature performance will be considered. Furthermore, the optimization of the upper full material life-cycle issues, such as usage, life-time, and recycling is shortened through multiscale modelling methods together with experimental validation methods.

The Activities of the WG2 Participants are coordinated by Saurav GOEL and Lucyna Jaworska


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