15 May 2016

WG 3 – Industrial validation

Working group 3 aims to develop the production routes for the newly designed substitute materials and to verify the production in industrial scale. As the so called “valley of death” is being a major concern for the EC policy makers, the industrial oriented development of technologies is becoming a key feature in different calls and projects. Furthermore WG3 will evaluate the industrial relevance of cutting edge solutions checking the properties important for cost efficient industrial production. In order to do so the WG will work for the definition of Technologies of Interest (ToI) by the Action. These technologies will be selected in accordance to their innovation, interest within industries and the market implementation potential. Each ToI will be provided a “mini roadmap” with its relating industrial experts advices and the EC TRL checkpoints. The goal is to assist promoting the ToI in an industrial relevant manner with increased interest of industries. Hopefully, these ToI will be a topic which the Action will focus for its importance and collaborate around it out of interest, existing funded projects and applications for future ones.

The activities of the WG3 Participants are coordinated by Shai ESSEL and Iakovos YAKOUMIS

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