15 May 2016

WG 4 – Value chain impact

Working group 4 aims to see the global picture. Global in this context is not a pure geographical term but stands for an holistic approach. Based on different production routes and technologies developed in Wgs 1-3 the respective impacts of each chain are evaluated. It has to be recognized that all implications are interconnected and that positive and negative effects in one part of the chain can reverberate in the other parts. One key focus will be laid on materials and energy flows. All input streams, recycling routes and emissions – gaseous liquid and solid – have to be taken into consideration. It is furthermore important to consider not only the quantity but also the quality (toxicity) of emissions. The aim is to minimize the consumption of resources and (non-renewable) energy as well as the negative impacts on environment and health. WG4 will put a special emphasis on material losses such as improved recycling technologies. Another main focus is the economy. It is the utmost aim to design routes the new material can enter the markets. It is thus necessary to cooperate with industry along the value chain. Environmental benefits in technology can only be realized if they are viable from an economical point of view.

The activities of the WG4 participants are coordinated by Andreas BARTL and Vjaceslav LAPKOVSKIS

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