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the Challenge of CRM-EXTREME

Difficulties in the access to critical raw materials (CRMs) are expected to depress industrial sectors vital to European Union (EU). If direct substitution of CRMs represents an obvious solution (not at all easy to achieve), a more realistic option relates to a combination with rational use, enhanced recycling and sustainable mining.
The Action focuses on the substitution of CRMs in high value alloys and metal-matrix composites used under extreme conditions.
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COST Action Description
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The Action focuses on the substitution of CRMs (like Cr, Co, Nb, W, Y, and other rare earth elements) in high value alloys and metal-matrix composites used under extreme conditions of temperature, loading, friction, wear, corrosion, in Energy, Transportation and Machinery manufacturing industries.

This will strengthen EU competence to gain the leadership in efficient use of raw materials, to achieve what is foreseen in the EU roadmaps towards 2050 . EU can count on its excellence in areas of knowledge crucial to CRMs, while its high-tech Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and automotive, aerospace and energy industries can ensure suitable innovation paths from labs to market.

The impact of the network on the selected industrial fields is also enhanced through cooperation with related initiatives, like the the network EXTREME and the EIP commitment SUBST-EXTREME.

  • 30 Countries partners

    of the 36 COST Member Countries and Cooperating States have already accepted to participate


    of the 20 COST ITCs are already welcome on board

  • Gendere balance

    Already 37% of the Core Group are women


    21% of the Core Group are ECIs (less than 8-years after PhD)

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